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Following are our distinguished applications

Sajong Technologies solace you by providing impeccable solutions for all your digital applications to take your thoughts to the next level.



Application for Educational Administration

The world is moving rapidly with the supreme enhancement of technology culminates to the plethora of digital platforms to lead a hassle-free life. The change is inevitable to sustain in this technological era, especially in the field of our education system to access, hand out, summarize, analyze, etc. The Sajong EduSmart ERP application enables the institution’s internal management in an impetus manner.


Green Shop

Sales and Stock Application

Grouping with the current wave of technology is very essential and plays a key role in the field of business. The accounting works can no longer be measured manually as it may hinder the speed of the business. Green Shop software understands this circumstance and offers you the prolific and sophisticated accounting software to gear up your business activities swiftly.


Smart Line

Application for the engineering

The smart lines application is revolutionary software development in the field of engineering. A Software that helps you to fetch complete details of engineering activities like route of pipelines, wires, drainage connections, etc. underneath the surface. It is obviously going to assist the supervisors to supply a crystal clear picture of the whole plot in an advanced manner on the mobile.


Uber Clone

Application for locating your destination

The journey would be permissive to track down from one location to another as we align the prowess of GIS-based know-how into our esteemed online taxi application. We set a sophisticated template in the development of the uber clone application that takes you to the desired location precisely.