GIS Services

Regardless of how much simple or complex the work is, we are always there for you.

GIS & Remote Sensing has become a common word among the communities such as environment, energy, forestry, urban & rural planning etc. It is Very important to apply the correct aspects of these techniques according to the needs in the corresponding sector.


GIS Service Offerings

  • Image processing and visual image interpretation
  • Map production and map conversion
  • Database design, data entry and validation
  • Data manipulation and analysis
  • Web/ Mobile based GIS applications
  • Property and route mapping

Service Highlights

  • We have team of highly qualified and experienced professionals in different areas of remote sensing and GIS, including professionally qualified from prestigious Indian institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS).
  • Our team will work mainly using open source GIS softwares and services rather than paid one.
  • Our team has experience in developing the Web GIS using latest platforms like drupal cartaro, geoserver etc.
  • Our team has experience in developing the Hybrid mobile applications on GIS based on Ionic Framework.
  • Our team works with GIS softwares like Quantum GIS, RGIS, Autocad mapping.
  • Our team has work experience in property mapping, route mapping and gas and other pipeline mapping.
  • Our team has exposure to leaflet Javascript and Google Maps API.